Marker Layout Competition



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The 14th Marker Layout Competition Winners

Date Award Winner Company % used
19/3 Champion 吳偉生 / 76.2%
1st Runner-up 吳金旺 五邑大學 75.91%
2st Runner-up 石輝 廣州億澳斯軟件科技有限公司 73.92%


Date Award Winner Company % used
20/3 Champion 劉傳喜 / 84.84%
1st Runner-up 林水珠 東莞邁埤機械設備有限公司 84.50%
2st Runner-up 馮紹琳 惠州學院 82.54%

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As The 14th Marker Layout Competition was being approved and admired from the industry, that had been accomplished amid the 2021 Greater Bay Area Int’l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair. Being an organizer “Paper Communication Exhibition Service”, always believe the material consumption share an vital portion of costing for garment manufacturing. It raises an issue on how the assistance of scientific device to the industry, when the technicians source to increase the cost efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously for marker layout.
The mission of marker layout competition founded since 2007 is to provide the interface let the technicians gain value added in participation for the industry.

Introduction of competition:

  • The preliminary and final rounds are individually set with about 10 – 15 mins. The participants make use of CAD to implement the marker layout and complete the task. Ranking is based on fabric consumption at the result of the least it get.
  • Each day each round have 3 prizes for the winners. That is ¥1000 for the champion, ¥700 for 1st runner-up and ¥500 for the 2nd runner-up. The prizes will be awarded 10mins before the close of exhibition.
  • Each participant will receive a tiny gift for the encouragement.

Competition time:

19 March 20 March
10:00-12:00 10:00-12:00


  • On-site registration