Exhibitor’s Manual

Last update date:29-12-2023

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Exhibitor Manual (Show Information)

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Exhibitor Form (Badge, Directory, Truck Permit)

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Forms Standard booth Raw Space Deadline Link
➮ Exhibition Directory Entry Required Required 5 Mar.
➮ Standard booth fascia name Required / 5 Mar.
➮ Exhibitor Badge Required Required 5 Mar.
➮ Non-shenzhen Private car as needed as needed 29 Feb.
➮ Move-in/ Move-out Yellow Car Truck as needed as needed Move-in: 10 Mar. (17:00pm)
Move-out: 17 Mar. (12:00pm)

Main Contractor-[GL]:

Water supply, electricity (lighting and machine power), compress air and broadband internet rental. Standard booth furniture rental service
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Official Freight Forwarder

Zhaohua Logistics Ltd.
Tel : 0755-2689 7740, 1519 0707 698
Fax:0755-2682 5668
Contact person:Mr. Li Yi Run
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