Hotel Sponsorship

 DTC2024 Hotel Sponsorship Scheme

For buyers from overseas or outside Guangdong – Excluding Hong Kong & Macau

This year, to attract more buyers from overseas and outside Guangdong to visit the fair, we will offer them a two-night free accommodation. We hope that this measure would attract more new visitors, so as to assemble all experts and professionals in the industry in the fair

Eligible person must satisfy the following requirements:
1. Location of reside and work place should be at overseas or outside Guangdong Province;
2. Hong Kong and Macau are excluded in the regions outside Guangdong Province;
3. First time to visit the exhibition.


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Application Procedure

Step 1: Complete the online application form; or download the application form and fax back to us after completion at: 852-2341 0379. Deadline: 1 March 2024 ;
Step 2: A confirmation letter will be sent to successful applicant ONE WEEK after deadline and the relevant hotel will contact the applicant.
Step 3: Successful applicants should pay the application deposit within one week of the issuance of confirmation letter. (Deposit fee: RMB 400 / HKD 400 / USD 50) Send the receipt with name of applicant & confirmation letter no. by fax or email. For payment details, please refer to “Payment Methods” ;
Step 4: Please present the confirmation letter and Identity documents to the hotel for check-in ;
Step 5: During the show period, please present the confirmation letter to the Organiser Office for the application of deposit refund.

Payment Methods

1. For visitors from China, payment can be made by fund transfer to our company bank account.

Beneficiary Name: Guangdong Xunzhan Convention & Exhibition Ltd.

Beneficial Bank: 中國銀行廣州東風東路支行

Account Number: 6535 5774 5465

Taxpayer Number: 914400007693041502

Enquiry: 020-8761 2356 (tel); 020-8730 5903 (fax)

2. For visitors from Hong Kong & overseas, payment can be made by fund transfer to our company bank account.

Beneficiary Name: Paper Communication Exhibition Services

Beneficiary Bank: Standard Chartered Bank

Bank Address : 4 – 4A Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong.

Account Number: 447-0-054399-9【HKD】or 368-0-788878-4【USD】

Enquiry:852-2763 9011 (tel); 852-2341 0379 (fax)

**After the fund transfer, please send us the bank receipt via email: or fax at: 852-2341 0379 with the applicant name and confirmation letter no. on the receipt.

Rules & Regulations

1. Your company MUST BE from overseas and outside Guangdong, while Hong Kong and Macau are excluded, in order to be eligible for the Hotel Sponsorship Offer.
2. This offer is available on a first-come-first-served basis.
3. Buyers should check-in on the appointed dates for the refund of deposit. If buyers fail to check-in on the appointed dates, the deposit will not be refunded.
4. Paper Communication Exhibition Services reserves the rights to vary the terms & conditions, change or terminate the sponsorship programme without any prior notice.
5. In case of any dispute over the sponsorship programme, the decision of Paper Communication Exhibition Services shall be final and binding.