Featuring State-of-the-art Clothing & Footwear Machineries – DTC/DFM 2018 to be Unveiled on March 27.

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  “China (Dongguan) Int’l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair 2018 (DTC 2018)”, “South China Int’l Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show” and “China (Dongguan) Int’l Footwear Machinery & Material Industry Fair 2018” (DFM 2018) will be staged at GD Modern International Exhibition Center on March 27 – 30, 2018.  State-of-the-art clothing & footwear machineries and technologies of the world will be exhibited in the fairs, through which exhibitors and buyers can explore new business opportunities.
  The renowned DTC and DFM attract over 300 exhibitors, coming from China, Japan, Germany, Italy, US, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many other places. Following last year’s success, Hong Kong Apparel Machinery Association joins hands with Hong Kong Productivity Council again and set up the “Hong Kong Energy Saving Apparel Machinery Pavilion”, as a part of the Cleaner Production Partnership Programme. Hong Kong Productivity Council will organize two half-day seminars, promoting energy-saving machineries to the clothing industry.
  Not only a platform to showcase the products, the fairs are also good opportunities for industry insiders to exchange their ideas. Elites and experts will gather at the fairs and participate in a number of events including “China Sewing Machinery Association Conference 2018 & the 10th Summit of China Sewing Machinery Industry”, “Signing Ceremony of Bangladesh Int’l Sewing Machinery & Accessories Fair 2019”, “Inaugural Meeting of New Generation Entrepreneurs of Guangdong Sewing Machinery” and “Inauguration Ceremony of Guangdong Shoe Machinery Association”.
  DTC’s exhibitors includesewing machines: Juki, Siruba, Golden Wheel, Strobel, Supreme, Groz-Beckert, Yaho, Juita, Hashima, Baoyu, Maqi; knitting: Kyang Yhe, Jakob Mueller, Hsiang Chuan, Giu Chun, Tongxiang, HF ENGG, People Trust, Julibao; embroidery & laser: Tajima, Han’s Yueming Laser, GBOS Laser, Dahao Technology, Autowin, Zhan Yi, Hefeng, CBL, Richpeace, YiBoda, Xinsheng, Jiaxiu, Qichuang, Shenshilei, Zhuji Leye, Shengming, Jingwei, Yuelong, Zhuji Chuangda; CAD/CAM/ERP: Yin Group, Topcut-bullmer, Kawakami, Morgan, Integrated Opimization Software, East System; automation: Dahao Technology、Powermax. Exhibits also include automation solutions, ironing equipment, material and machinery. In addition to state-of-the-art machineries and technologies, this year’s fair newly adds “antique sewing machine showcase”.
  DFM’s exhibitors including Eyko, Mingling, Luxin, JYL, Teseo, Tianfeng, Qifeng, Qiyu, Cheng Feng, Meng Cheng, East Systems, Teng Hong, Taiwei, Feiyue will showcase footwear machinery, production line, vamp production, packaging machine, leather processing machine, leather, synthetic leather and more. In response to the market needs, flyknit knitting machine manufacturers such as Cixing, Lian Xing, Feng Fan, Jia Wei, Dream Star, Rong Rong Fei Hu, Qianlong, Maxima, Taiwan Eagle will exhibit their products. According to the manufacturers, the new technology not only creates shoes uppers, but also capable of producing accessories.
  During the exhibition, a number of activities such as “Marker Layout Competition”, “Production Scheduling Competition” and seminars will be held. Mr Peter Mangione will give a seminar on “Trump’s China ‘trade policy”. Don’t miss out.
  “Hong Kong Footwear Design Pavilion” is the highlight of DFM every year. Awarded pieces of “The Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition” organized by The Federation of Hong Kong Footwear (1970) are on display. These shoes let visitors from around the world know more about Hong Kong designers’ creativity and potential.
  In recent years, some of the manufacturers of the Pearl Delta region set up their new production facilities in provinces outside Guangdong. The trend brings buyers from Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxu, Fujian to visit the fairs. Overseas visitors coming from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and India are also on the rise. In response to this, the organizer offers a two-night free accommodation for buyers from overseas and outside Guangdong, who visit the fairs for the first time.
  Dongguan metro line 2 opened in May, 2016. Take metro line 2 and get off at Exhibition Center station (exit B), Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre is right there. The convenient transportation largely shortens the travel time for people to get to the exhibition centre, attracting even more buyers from other provinces.
  The organizer provides free transportation services for companies and buyer groups.  For the convenience of visitors, they can pre-register online through “Pre-registration” system on www.dtcshow.com or through WeChat before the show. To visit the show, they just need to show the confirmation letter with barcode and get a badge at the registration counter. Let’s pre-register through official website or Wechat.

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