The 3rd Marker Layout Competition

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CAD/CAM, a popular tool in computer-aided grading and marker planning, utilizes the latest computer-aided system, so that user can efficiently and effectively carry out the computer-aided grading and marker planning process, in meeting the rapid growth in technology and the increase in its usage.

In a move of increasing the competitiveness of CAD/CAM application, “The Marker Layout Competition” will again be organized in DTC 2009 so that users may take this opportunity in showing off their skills and talents, and learning from each other. Participants should complete the marker layout within a restricted period. The Organiser mentioned that with multitudinous participants and their marvelous technique, the competition was so keen that attracted a large number of audiences. The competition was reported by Houjie TV as well.

What’s more? This event was greatly sponsored by Gerber Scientific Int’l Ltd. “The 3rd Marker Layout Competition” will be organized on 4-7 March 2009. All are welcome!

For details, please visit: /marker

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